Fredericton PD unconstitutionally kidnap local blogger

Fredericton blogger jailed again over disturbance

CBC News - September 15th, 2011

Charles LeBlanc spent Wednesday night in a Saint John jail after being charged with causing a disturbance outside of the Fredericton Police headquarters.

Fredericton Police Const. Rick Mooney confirmed on Thursday morning that LeBlanc was arrested on a charge of causing a disturbance. LeBlanc will have a bail hearing on Sept. 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Mooney said the police received several noise complaints against LeBlanc. The blogger appeared before a Provincial Court judge on Wednesday and was sent to the Saint John jail.
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Open letter sent to Fredericton city council on the Unconstitutional arrest of blogger Charles Leblanc.

The arrest of Charles Leblanc yesterday for expressing his opinion freely in the downtown area of Fredericton is a shameful act that needs to be addressed immediately by city council.

If the city of Fredericton representatives either approve of this action or sit by and let it occur on their time and the taxpayer's dollar, it will represent one of the greatest stains on the reputation of a supposedly open and liberal capital city that I can remember in recent years.

I hope that those elected to uphold legal (i.e. constitutional) and other obligations towards human rights will act soon to harness in a police force that becomes more militarized, aggressive and ineffective as time goes by. That city council felt so afraid of biker gangs moving in that they were cowed into buying contaminated strip clubs surely indicates that a blogger with a blow-horn in the least of the problems needing addressing by peace officers.

If an annoying protester is the price Fredericton has to pay to uphold the principles of democracy and freedom, then it is a small price indeed. The brutal and illegal way the Fredericton police force has acted in this instance should be a wake up call to all of you to act on Charles' and all citizen's with consciousness' behalf.


Daniel A. Fitzgerald
Fredericton native living in the Netherlands

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