Justice in the NWD - The Murder of Kelly Thomas

5 of 6 Fullerton Cops who Murdered Homeless Man Gang Style Still Working
Tim King - Salem-News.com

(FULLERTON, Calif.) - Having grown up in Southern California, I have always been well aware of the brutality police officers are capable of. There are many evil horrendous cases of unaddressed police abuse in this country, but some, like the case of Kelly Thomas, the schizophrenic man recently tortured and beaten to death in Fullerton, California remind us that this police abuse is taking place right under our nose.

"I now regret ever having served as a law officer". Those are the words of Kelly Thomas's father, Ron Thomas, who is retired law enforcement. He now spends his time passing out flyers seeking information on the police who killed his son in an open neighborhood while the 37-year old victim screamed "dad" over and over again in vain.

Neighbors said Kelly was childlike and totally harmless. Regardless, even if he wasn't as innocent as he was, there are many witnesses and they all had matching statements and they are published below. If you visit the site fullertonsfuture.org you can see a transcript of witness descriptions.

Apparently it took investigators three weeks to conduct their first witness interview. This, while the killer gang of cops continue to roam and endanger the streets.
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