Uncle Sam Has Guys Night Out

Uncle Sam Has Guys Night Out
Liberty on Tour
October 11, 2010

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Uncle Sam seems to realize that Liberty On Tour isn’t going away and that we’ll film him doing any and all crazy acts. Though we were a bit surprised when he brought out his two buddies for a night in Austin, TX. The cameras were rolling as Sam and his two best buds had one heck of a night.

That’s all the proof you need. Uncle Sam is in bed and makes deals with other ‘nations’ leaders and bad guys. Doesn’t matter to him who he does business with as long as he’s getting something out of it, like your money. Though I’m guessing that ‘Barry’s’ and Sam’s relationship will change, yet again, once Barry receives the short end of the deal. So be ready for the blowback from that.

Are you sick of paying for the things this asshole wants or does? When will we stop giving him our money to do as he pleases? Does anyone have the answers?

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