WTC7 footage found through FOI request

A freedom of information lawsuit turned up 3 terabytes of new video and pictures of the USSA's day of terror, some remain redacted but at least one shocking refinement on what we've already seen has come out:

Listen at the 0:11 point for clear sounds of demolition charges. The caving in penthouse is new to me, at least - and I've watched this from many angles. Will the new data help the truth movement or just set them to work for hours looking for that tiny clue the censors missed before this data was released?
Update: Some people think this following video is evidence that someone tried to cover up the obvious pre-implosion of the penthouse in the following (also newly released)

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Our Pal Al said...

CLEAR sound of demolition? Are you retarded? Have you ever heard CD explosions for buildings HALF the size of WTC7? If you think that's a CLEAR CD explosion then I am wagering that you haven't.

And if you've never seen the penthouse collapse first (another reason why this isn't a CD) then I'm guessing you haven't researched WTC7 alot, which makes me take you even less seriously (and I didn't think that as plausible since you're a dumb member of da twoof).