Sunday Sexy Times: NB Election Edition

On the eve of what is turning out to be a most interesting election, New Brunswick voters are faced with many questions. Which candidate has your interests at heart, who can do the most for your community - who didn't try to sell off billions of public property in a backroom deal?

There are important questions missed in such weighty issues, such as who talks goodest, who wears the hippest threads, and which politicians ooze sexuality like lions and lionesses in heat?

As to the sexiest woman running, there's no real contest. A sassy PC Saint John MLA who started covering politics as a young lass out of Newfoundland back in 1982. Reporting for CTV and CBC, she later entered business and then won office in 1999, serving as Minister of Transportation, Status of Women, Public Safety, Training & Employment Development and Labour and for then as official opposition on many issues. If you vote in Rothesay, consider yourself sexily represented by Margaret-Ann Blaney.

The male candidate I really don't like, not just because of his party - but due to certain decisions and choices he made, including leaving New Brunswick in the lurch after quitting as Attorney General for 'family reasons' and to get back to private practice, supporting NB's new gulag seizure law and making a mockery of the legislature with his pants on the ground video. On the other hand, he does have those California good looks (he was born there), and after serving in the USSA military, some muscles to go along with that dimpled smile. Soon to be living it large off of his flood firing bonus is sexy Fredericton North rep TJ Burke. I can only bring myself to posting a photo of him in better days (before the thieving / selling out) with the gal of any political junkie's dreams.

PS - To all the people considering voting for a third party this election, I have one message: get off the drugs. The only thing I hear people say about not wanting the PCs in power is that Alward is somehow slow or not shiny enough - they've made too many promises or not told enough about what they're going to cut. Maybe so, but splitting the vote and winding up with another 4 years of the Graham mafia in charge is about the last thing New Brunswick needs in this double dip kind of world.

None of the other candidates have anything over on him far as I can tell, and to vote Green or NDP out of reality denial seems a shame. - Dan F.
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