Portland Anarchist Stages Lemonade Revolt

Here he is with his own pre-coverage of the event:

Some nice coverage of the event itself:

And a report by an IVAW activist member:
Lemonade Revolt
The Pathogen
August 27th, 2010

Yesterday was the Lemonade Revolt - a community response to this girl being shut down by health inspectors last month:

In the end, the girl got a trip to Disney land - so, no harm done. In fact, this girl's story wrapped up really well in a sweet American package: lemonade stand : bureaucracy : outrage : Disneyland!

The "Lemonade Revolt" was created by one of the local anarchists, who witnessed the girl being shut down in July. The anarchist himself was a father of youngsters (his boy helped me squeeze some lemonade at one point, totally fucking adorable).

I set up on Alberta St, between 25th and 26th at 11:40am. I purchased about $80 worth of lemons and oranges. In total, I made a investment into this event near $150 - but I was able to give out free lemonade all day long. I had two coolers full of ice, and two jugs full of water (one 7-gallon and one 5-gallon) - I was way over prepared. I stole borrowed a table from work, and set up signs for Iraq Veterans Against the War

Brett Bowers put his artwork on display next to my lemonade stand - he's a really good guy and a solid artist. Some anarchists handing out free zines set up on the other side of me. The Anarchists were super-fucking-awesome. I <3 Anarchists. I made lemonade all day. From noon till 9:30, nothing but lemonade, lemonade, lemonade - I squeezed all of the lemonade myself, right there on the street. It was a bitch. I had a chance to talk with some folks, particularly the folks interested in IVAW. Sam Adams came by my booth early in the afternoon, referring to being shut down by health inspectors he said, "[sic] You have nothing to worry about tonight, we'll leave you alone. You're safe." He didn't take any Lemonade. Immediately after he walked away from my booth, some folks corned him and asked why they should move to Portland. Adams was extremely kind - especially considering these douche bags were from California. People from south of Sacramento are not welcome to move to Cascadia. Sam Adams came around my booth again at around 9pm, "I changed my mind on that lemonade" he said, I gave him a copy of War Is A Racket, "Complements of Veterans For Peace".
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