Best 2010 New Brunswick Election Sites

Here are my top 10 NB sites providing coverage or commentary on the ongoing 2010 elections. If the traffic is any measure, interest is high in the online community for information on the selection of representatives for the 57th sitting of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. Further, if the words written on the following sites have any effect on the actions of kleptocrats, it will be a long time before money goes missing or votes and deals are done in secret at NB's site of supposed governance.

Please note, some of the sites below present strong opinions, oftentimes incorrect ones - but the energy and passion going into each one are really impressive. With under two weeks left, I expect any bombs to explode will wind their way quickly to these pages.

In no particular order, with rationale for inclusion in brackets:
CBC NB Votes feature (Up to the minute & leader in breaking stories)
Charles Leblanc (A different view on things)
Blue Primate Party (Smashing the Casino Gulag)
The Bruce Report (Top NB political pundit)
Country94 News (Breaking news and to the point)
Living in Interesting Times (Views of a NB academic)
NB Media Co-op (NB Left activist media)
It's the Economy, Stupid (Insider Economist)
People's Alliance NB ('Netroots' NB party)
NB Politico (Out of retirement)

You can also follow the offline opinion with detailed polling stats on NB Coverage.

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