Street Preacher Killed in Denver Drug Court

Video source: KWGN Denver
Family wants answers in Denver Jail death
Nina Sparano - KWGN Denver
August 10, 2010

DENVER - It has been one month since a homeless pastor died while in custody at the new Denver Jail. On Tuesday, his family walked through the front doors of the Detention Center, hoping to find answers into Marvin Booker's death.

With tears on their cheeks the victim's father, mother, two brothers and sister stood on the steps of the jail. When they asked to visit the facility where Marvin died, the family was turned away.

"All we wanted to do was to walk the last walk of our loved one's life," said Spenser Booker, the victim's youngest brother.

The family was taken inside a conference room this afternoon and told they were not allowed inside the jail or to watch the surveillance video of the moments before he died.

"We've asked only to see the tape. Let us see the video. Let us see what happened," says Spenser Booker.
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