Collapse: Michael Ruppert on Peak Oil

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Watched this movie last week and it has really stuck with me. Collapse is not your traditional conspiracy doc. A whistle blower by the name of Michael Ruppert was asked to be interviewed for a movie about the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling in South Central L.A. in the 80's. After talking to Ruppert for a little bit and hearing some of his opinions and information they decided they could make a much more interesting movie about that, than drug smuggling.

The main area of discussion is about peak oil and the idea that we have already achieved it. Oil and fossil fuels are in virtually everything (7 gallons of oil in every tire, 800 million cars on the planet) and there is nothing, anywhere in any combination that will replace the edifice built by fossil fuels. The long and the short is, once the oil runs out, which it will in our lifetime the world will face a collapse of monumental proportions. Comparable to the mayan civilization or (if you believe in that sort of thing) the lost city of Atlantis.

The whole movie is just Ruppert sitting in a chair in front of a camera, being interviewed by the director. It is a little depressing, sort of along the same lines of Zeitgeist, however, I liked it better, because Ruppert is a confident speaker and is interesting to listen to. Also he seems a little more credible than many of the other conspiracy doc's and doesn't come across as a crack pot like Alex Jones. Check it out, it can be obtained for free from any torrent site

Brother Dan P.


The Mad Ape said...

Peak oil may be a myth. Some scientists now feel that oil is not a "fossil" fuel. Rather some think that it is abiotic - a byproduct of magma deep within the earth.

Oil is Abiotic

The mainstream has rejected this outright but if you read the documentation there is merit to the argument:

Abiogenic Petroleum Origin Debate on Wikipedia

The Mad Ape said...

Having just watched this entire documentary (thanks for this by the way), I have come to the conclusion that it does not matter whether peak oil is real or not.

As long as those in power believe it to be true then we are screwed. we as in humanity.

In their minds there will have to be a significant culling of the population to bring the planet into a state of equilibrium of sorts (using Ruppert's numbers say 1 billion)

So no wonder these scumbags poison our water, feed us poison in our food, vaccines, wars, HIV.

When will the nukes hit? This will happen, I have no doubt about it.

We are, pardon the language, fucked. The elite control everything and they will decide who lives and who dies.

I know I am not in their club...are you?