Bilderberg McKenna busy plotting World Domination in Spain

Image Source: National Post
The fascist group of world 'leaders' was busy these last days meeting in Sitges, Spain to discuss how best to keep their neo-feudal world order going. Started in 1954(1) by the 'former' Nazi and disgraced German-Dutch Prince Bernhard in the Netherlands, this secret cabal shapes how the monied class reap the rewards of war and institutional usury. Reportedly, this year's discussions centred on the failing euro and how best to get the terror war heated up in Iran(2).

Perennial attendee and former NB premier Frank McKenna(3) was there representing the interests of TD bank over the people. The job he did for offshore interests in creating a wage-slave workforce in the Maritimes while destroying endemic industry was good enough to get him multiple invites over the years as well as appointed as ambassador to the US and current TD bigwig. Although some coverage of current BC premier Gordon Campbell has been seen in alternative media(4), Frankie boy and the rest have largely dodged even that minute scrutiny of their ongoing treasonous behaviour over the years, although media coverage of the event in papers such as the guardian is growing(5).

Here is the list of 6 Canadian kleptocrats, shills and sycophants who attended the conference(6):

Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia
Edmund Clark, President and CEO, TD Bank
Peter Mansbridge, CBC Chief Correspondent
Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair, TD Bank
Robert Prichard, President and CEO, Metrolinx
Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music

I find the inclusion of shill media experts Mansbridge and Reisman the most interesting - perhaps they held some symposia on how to keep the lid on things by misinforming the public. It is interesting that the CBC has yet to report on the event, despite slandering real investigative journalists who cover the group as conspiracy theorists earlier this year(7).

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Baba Booey said...

Frank McKenna, along with the rest of the Financial Terrorism Network, need to be tried for crimes against humanity.