60% of younger Canadians unwilling to be WWII canon fodder

Poll: Young Canucks would not sign up to fight Hitler
Bruce Cheadle - The Canadian Press
May 5, 2010

OTTAWA — The results of a new poll timed to the 65th anniversary of VE Day has the Historica-Dominion Institute suggesting there is increasing reverence for Canada's Second World War Veterans but a troubling ambivalence about following their example.

A clear majority of younger Canadians say they would not have volunteered in 1939 to help liberate Europe and defeat Nazism, according to the poll.

The survey, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, shows a significant divide between older Canadians and those aged 18 to 35 when it comes to assessing Victory in Europe Day, 65 years after the end of the most significant human conflagration of the past century.

The poll, which comes as Prime Minister Stephen Harper attends a ceremony Thursday celebrating the liberation of Holland at a cemetery near the Netherlands-Belgium border, is in some ways paradoxical.
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The Mad Ape said...

That is because today's youth are better educated because they can bypass the propaganda in our history books and mass media.

It is now well understood that Financial Terrorists, such as the Rothchilds, helped bring Hitler to power and were financing arms sales to both sides of the fight.

WW2 was a sham
WW3, which is already underway, is a sham.