Protesters contest NB Power theft in FTON

Video Source: G$ - QSLS Video
Notice QSLS members in attendance attracted greater than usual police attention:

Looks like a lot of people came out to make their voice heard and stop the theft of NB's resources and infrastructure. Hopefully some of the QSLS attendees can add something in the comments or as a fresh post about their experience and impressions at the protest.

Image Source: George Hachey - Capital Photography
Thousands protestors: NB Power not for sale
Damira Davletyarova - NB Beacon
March 21, 2010

More than 2,000 New Brunswickers protested against the sale of NB Power in front of the legislature this Saturday.

The government’s proposed $3.2 billion power deal forced residents across the province to make their way to the legislature to have a say in the decision. Called “Voice of People” by organizers, thousands carried placards, signs and posters expressing their disagreement with Liberal government. One demonstrator’s sign read: “NB Power is Our Future. Shawn Be…in Disgrace.”

For Debbie Lavelle it wasn’t her first protest against the sale of NB Power assets to Hydro-Quebec. She has been closely following the deal since the Liberal government announced the sale last October. Lavelle was against the proposed sale of NB Power since the beginning.

“This is a bad deal for New Brunswickers. We all own NB Power, one of our few assets. It worth more money and they have no rights to give it away,” Lavelle said.

“75 % of New Brunswickers do not want the NB Power sold. I think it’s time for politicians to listen to what people want,” Lavelle added.
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Anonymous said...

It was good Dan. About 1500 I would say. Does not seem like the topic is being discussed in the media anymore. I think the deal is done.


Anonymous said...

update your stuff Danny boy. The deal is off!