NB Power swindle falls apart at last minute

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Quebec balked at NB Power sale costs
Anonymous - CBC News
March 24, 2010

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham confirmed in the legislature Wednesday morning that his government will no longer sell NB Power's generation assets to Hydro-Québec.

The New Brunswick government had planned to sell NB Power's generation assets to Hydro-Québec for $3.2 billion.

"That is why it is with so much regret that I am announcing this morning that we are no longer proceeding with discussions to finalize the energy agreement with Hydro-Québec," Graham told the legislature.

<...> He said he has no regrets in pushing the power deal.

<...> Graham said the New Brunswick government will "take a moment to take a step back" and consider what should be done with the utility.

Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward said the government's decision to quash the agreement is a victory for all of those people who fought the deal.

"This is a wonderful day for democracy in New Brunswick," Alward said.

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Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Alward that democracy had little to do with why the deal fell through. Hydro Q found another route, it's that simple. Shit or get off the pot principle comes into play here. NB was constipated and may have missed the deal of our lifetime. Oh well, we still have our vast natural resources to exploit. Let's drill a tunnel to hell and use it to heat ourselves. Heat rises right?