Bermudan press inducing panic on NB power?

Evidence from today's dose of propaganda:
Image Source: Derek Pleadwell twittered
Mactaquac Dam is 'absolutely' safe - NB Power
Stephen Lewellyn - Daily Gleaner
March 26th, 2010

The Mactaquac Dam is safe and expected to generate electricity until 2030, says Wayne Snowdon, vice-president of generation for NB Power.

But the dam does have an alkali silica reaction in the concrete of its powerhouse and spillways - the same problem the Princess Margaret Bridge has with its piers - that will eventually force that section of the dam to be decommissioned.

"The concrete is expanding," said Snowdon in an interview Thursday. "We've known that since the dam was built and came on line in 1967.

"Absolutely it is safe."

Problems with the Mactaquac Dam were cited by Premier Shawn Graham on Wednesday when he announced the collapse of the $3.2-billion deal with Hydro-Quebec for the sale of some of NB Power's assets.

"I don't want anyone to panic and think Mactaquac is in terrible shape," said Energy Minister Jack Keir on Thursday.
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Bermudan press inducing panic on NB power?
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Politics
March 26th, 2010

The article then goes on to drone about the how 'safe' the thing is. You don't have to be a psychologist to get the message here, folks. And it ain't about keeping things calm or real. The ugly, terroristic face of disaster capitalism is coming back strong. Probably mixed in with other bad news about the economy, joblessness and foreign wars this spring / summer. The lengths someone will go to protect billions in offshore profits would easily surpass us if we didn't take notice.

Economically, the Bermudans can (continue to) shut things down easily in NB, as we saw with the 2008 dumping of Lepreau's new turbines in the ocean (1). In 2010, the crest of the bailout wave has long been reached, and one can only logically expect a temporary turn towards worse, despite the rain-dance spending. In a mainly rural province with long highways and few humans, this could get pretty bad. Downtown Fredericton doesn't have to be literally flooded to spell disaster for affected people.

It is also reasonable to expect no lapse before new plans are trotted out to override and weigh down the taxpayers. This renewed incitement and preparing of ground by the Fort Reliance press is a first warning flag that the outcome of the public power is far from certain. The level of fear and panic they try instilling are but one measure how devious the next actions and intentions might be.

On the other hand, perhaps new media will continue to grow as PR and oil baron hacks take another run at it and fail. They'd be wiser refocusing on helping get the economy off the ground before lecturing the public about expensive power. Nobody has seen Irving's books since KC left for the island, it's time to stop subsidizing off-shore power rates. In any case, the reportage of key elements in our society is too important to leave up to shill media.

For at least the coming month I suggest tuning big media out. If you do watch, be wary of promises to 'solve everything' again (like MOU1). The solution to this does not come in the form of a law or some signatures, but by hard work and single-mindedness in the pursuit of good governance. A wayward power company takes more than a back-room deal to get righted.

Be it Mactaquac dam or a big decision with Lepreau, the medicine we're brought by corporate servants could be worse than the concocted disease.


Anonymous said...

I fail to see the relation between the Lepreau turbine fiasco and the rest of this malarchy. Are you trying to say that the 'bermudans' made a conscious decision to dump the turbine so Lepreau's renos would slowed? What's the reasoning here? What's the relation? I don't think the turbine incident sold any papers, or saved/earned them any money. Do you think that writting stories about the sister company's ineptitude (in this particular case) did either party, or the bermudans in general any favours.
Shit happens man, the press writes about that shit. What they say may have some spin, but nobody reads their shit anymore anyway.

Dan F said...

The press is controlled - maybe my details are unimportant - but like the pension swindle, Atcon bailout and foreign 'consultant' millions - the devil often is found therein.

Anonymous said...

The devil IS in the details, but not the wrong details.