WK Marshall - 'HQ are going to pay the fuel bill'

You know that old saying, where if it sounds too good?

Video Source: New Brunswick Beacon
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We’re not going to be any worse off. This deal actually helps us to mitigate some of that risk, because Hydro-Quebec are going to be obligated to deliver 14 TWH of energy, and the ancillary services to go with it. We are going to be guaranteed to get it, and the additional costs of dealing with carbon, we don’t face. The additional costs of dealing with ever escalating fossil fuels we don’t deal with. Hydro-Quebec are going to pay the fuel bill. We are going to pay for electricity at a given price for five years and then escalating at CPI after that.
Source: New Brunswick Beacon
Analysis sees less risk in new deal
Energy: Power pact has several advantages, former head of N.B. grid operator says
Quentin Casey - The Telegraph-Journal (Fort Reliance Media)

The Graham government's revised plan to sell NB Power provides New Brunswickers with more than just a five-year power rate freeze, says the former head of the province's electrical transmission grid.

"While the agreement does give up ownership and control of generating stations in New Brunswick, it also provides much more value than the rate discounts," Marshall states in an analysis.

"It eliminates most of the financial risks associated with generation of electricity that could cause even higher rates in the future."

The new deal, if approved, will provide large industrial customers with a 23-per-cent cut in their power rates, while homeowners will still get a five-year power rate freeze.
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