Spun in the place to be: NB PR firm goes on attack against ex-pat blogger

Updated 27/1/2010 - I have been contacted by a different Revolution Strategy employee, who insist that their Mike Maloney is not the same person who wrote the 'unqualified' letter or set up the pro-theft facebook groups. They also insist that they have no contract to sell the NB Power 'deal' and that Mrs. Vachon is truly speaking her own mind in her tweets. Further, they have disclosed that Revolution Strategies has no link at all to Hill & Knowlton - who have subcontracted another NB agency, called 'Colour'. I appreciate their effort to correct my sometimes paranoid assumptions, although the next PR flack I find will have to take both barrels to make up for this.

My apologies to Mrs. Vachon, Revolution Strategies and the QSLS readership for assuming the worst. - Dan F.
Updated: Non-denial by Mrs. Vachon on her corporate connections to selling the 'deal' (click to expand):
Spun in the place to be: NB PR firm goes on attack against ex-pat blogger
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Politics
January 23rd, 2010

So there I was: an innocent, politically naive, ex-pat blogger trying to stop the theft of NB Power. Suddenly, I felt the attack of a forthright, pro-sale advocate, one whose intensity for the scam was unprecedented. At first, I was too busy admiring her tenacity, she had me on the verge of correcting my ways. But after a few days of replies countering factual content of my tweets with ad hominem attacks and innuendo - I had to find out who this direct and effective counter-agent might be.

It took some digging, but for the second time, Revolution strategies has been caught sending their operatives out into the blogging world. Who knows how much untendered tax money is going towards running the propaganda war against concerned citizens of the picture province?

First, some background: In early 2010, there was a controversial letter published by the Irving-controlled Canadaeast.com as well as local newspapers. In it, the many-degreed author Mike Maloney tells us the average New Brunswicker "is not qualified" to make a decision whether their assets are sold off to the only bidder, in a backroom deal mediated by Bilderberg McKenna. This generated plenty of comment and reaction in subsequent weeks, as can be attested to by the google news search Michael Maloney and NB Power on just the canadaeast archive.

Soon, anti-theft groups discovered that the writer of the inflammatory letter was also the creator of the pro-theft Facebook group and top propagandist at Revolution Strategies of Saint-John (a.k.a. Irvingville, a.k.a. Stinktown), New Brunswick:

There are many more little groups that oppose the sale of between
25-1500 each but there is just the one big group NO to Sale of NB
Power with over 27000 members and growing. :-)

Q: Can you identify the creators or administrators of these groups ?
A: Yes. As it turns out the Facebook group For a Better Tomorrow’s creator is Micheal Maloney. He is actually one of the guys that work for the PR firm revolution strategies, who contract out to Hill and Knowlton.

Mr Maloney is the 15th over from the left in the link below.
Source: NB Power Not For Sale

Operative #2 Outed. So, as things progressed - I was engaging in some political twittering of my own against what I consider the outright theft of NB Power and a perfect example of the disaster capitalism that has risen since the late 1990s. After some time, I started to get very oppositional responses to my factual tweets from a Mrs. Christianne Vachon, who goes by the name of SouthBolton on twitter:

SouthBolton @danfive944 No. "Status quo" means no change - ride the impoverished farm right into the ground. #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 Hard to believe since their workers are currently among the best paid in Canada with best conditions #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 Throw us a bone it's the only thing close to a plan he's come up with. We're all excited #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 I'm convinced there's a middle way - neither rude nor ripped off even when we fundamentally disagree #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 I know eh? And yet you sound so pleasant #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 D'abord dans ce contexte nous écririons 'chère', ensuite votre lien n'a rien à voir avec #nbpower4sale

SouthBolton @danfive944 What BNB report?

Well, I wasn't going to take this lying down for too long. I started doing some internet detective work and lo and behold - she too is an agent of the PR firm paid to promote this shady deal. I am shocked and amazed that it has come to this - professional manipulators attacking fellow New Brunswickers to try and sell a rotten deal. To keep this rant relatively short, I'll just let the pictures do the talking (click to enlarge):
Looking forward, I hope many more people continue to fight against the theft of NB Power, both at home and abroad. It seems that we'll be up against some real pros who might stop short of nothing to manipulate the debate. On the other hand, I suspect the public now largely knows the truth, despite any covert spin from reverse-revolutionaries or media blitzes the Bermudans have up their sleeves.

That said, I wish everyone in this fight the best; we'll see in the end if spin is enough to swing this 'deal' through.
- Dan F. (Who definitely did not accept payment for the above opinions)


Anonymous said...

power of the internet. they have undersextimated the Smart people and our tools

The Telecrap Urinal said...

This is a PSYOP perpetrated against you. You know the story - follow the money and you end up finding the scumbag.

In this case the scumbag is a PR company called Hill and Knowlton of which this sleaze Michael Maloney's company is owned by.

So this is what our $1 million dollars of taxpayer money buys us huh?

Well I will insult these bunch of NWO corpo-fascist pigs for free.

These scum are the same ones used to sell the Iraq war to the public. That should say it all.

Greg Cook said...

This is the same person who worked as a provocateur on my first experience in a facebook group. We were fighting a NB social services ministry proposal to increase the poverty rate in a neighbourhood which already at the highest rating in the city. Someone is exploring if she was paid by tax dollars on that one.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!