Massive NB Power Protest Planned for Freddy Beach

End the NB Power theft rally #1 of 2010
Dan Fitzgerald, QSLS Politics

This Tuesday January 12th from 12:00 to 14:00, the public of New Brunswick has been encouraged to come out in a massive public demonstration. This will be conducted to oppose the sell-off of NB Power as the provincial kleptocrats return to Fredericton after their lengthy winter vacations. The link to the Facebook organizers is below.

While I wish I were there if only for the looting opportunities - I'm not going to make it. Furthermore, I'm thinking the crowd might be small due to the winter weather conditions and the brief, lunch-hour format. Regardless of how many facebook Chavezes make it out, I'm thinking January 12th (12-2) in wintry New Brunswick will not be the final say in this dispute. Too long have tyrants and puppets been at the helm, the ship's been caught up in the muck for too long. That said, the issue is a bit time-sensitive, as the arrangements for the theft will likely be complete before a proper election can sort this out.

By that time Neu Braunschweig's resources and land will have been handed over completely to disaster capitalists, ending all guise of all self-reliance or self-sufficiency. Just ask the Native Canadians how these types of scams work out. Except instead of rivers and land being stolen, now the thieves get the whole shebang with a power grid built on top of it. All the towers raised and cables strung by the sweat, hard-work and taxes of prior generations, sold for not even a penny or glass bobble.

So go and heave a paving stone for me - the current 'deal' has to be defeated.

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