DPTY Saint John Major Afraid of Becoming Fluoride Zombie

Image Source: City of Saint John
Excerpts from: Water: Five common council members say they drink city water, two don't, the mayor won't comment
Reid Southwick - Telegraph-Journal (Irving Propaganda)
December 10, 2009

SAINT JOHN - Five council members polled Wednesday said they will continue to drink the city's tap water in the wake of the latest report that indicated concerns with the water supply.

Coun. Bill Farren he knows the quality of city water isn't that great - it's sometimes a yellowish brown colour at his west side home - but he's convinced his health is not at risk when he drinks it.

"As brown as it looks, I drink it," Farren said. "The quality of the water is not the best, but it's safe and what we have to do is make it safer."

Chase said his wife, Cheryl, suffers from a disorder called hemochromatosis that makes her sensitive to iron levels in the water and has received medical advice that she should not drink public water because of her condition.

Chase said that even if his wife did not suffer from the disorder, he would not drink tap water, because of the chemicals infused in the system.

"For me, it's the quality of the product issues, the chlorine and fluoride," he said.

A city staff report stated last month the city has largely not changed the way it treats water since the 1930s, when officials began disinfecting in with chlorine. The report said the treatment system can't guarantee the water supply is free from pathogens and other waterborne diseases.
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