Furor over Kanadian-Afghan Torturegate Continues

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Rick Hillier: What now?
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December 10, 2009

Rick Hillier categorily denied that there was any torture of Afghan detainees handed over to Afghan security by the Canadian military. Gen. Walter Natynczyk said the same thing initially but then changed his story on Wednesday. Now he says there were a few cases. What happens to the credibility of Rick Hillier now, and to that of his political bosses Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay. The opposition is asking for Peter Mackay's resignation. It looks he knowingly might have misled Parliament and hence the Canadian people.

It is not a pretty picture. You may read Gen. Walter Natynczyk's story here. However, since this story broke he further inidcated that there were more similar cases. What a disgrace that Canada is being given this kind of reputation and how hard Harper and Mackay are trying to cover it up. The plot thickens. It is extremely important that there is a public inquiry.
Article Source: LeDaro

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