NB Power was freezing people out in 2008, where did the money go?

I'd say this story (see news clippings, below) was the first, least reported and most prescient of four major clues that a robbery was ongoing, culminating in the secretly negotiated sell-out of NB Power. Once a crown corp starts letting people die from the cold, you know there is something shady going on. The other clear indications include the CEO bonus scandal, the ongoing Lepreau debacle, and most recently the Irving discount 'revelations'.

What next, will Shawn Graham order a Mt. Rushmore-like carving made of his and Bilderberg McKenna's heads from the Mactaquac power dam once it's drained? The conspicuous and unrelenting spending on cronies and self-aggrandisement while real 'stakeholders' (as opposed to scoff-law Bermudans) are thrown into early graves must surely be enough to break through the propaganda?

I certainly hope so, as I'm sure the ethical/karmic costs of more frozen humans buried in future winters won't be worth the temporary rate freezes we've been promised, or any of the fiat dollars those Quebecers hope to make. I'm certain that no-disconnect regulations wouldn't have been put into place had HQ been owning NB power at the time, and doubtful that the existing law will be enforced once the sell-out is complete.

Consider the existing foreign-owned energy monopoly in NB - Fort Reliance (Irving's re-brand attempt). Over the years, they've reduce their company's societal obligations down to just about nothing. Why we'd expect anything different from another faceless behemoth seems naive. When it comes to something crucial like electrical power (and newspapers/gasoline for that matter) - some accountability and restraint is necessary.

When this is not the case (i.e. under the puppet Graham government in NB), millions go to deliberate waste while the needy are perennially neglected.
Opposition slams N.B. government over death of man in unheated home
Anonymous - The Canadian Press
April 24, 2008

FREDERICTON — Opposition Leader Jeannot Volpe is demanding the government review its home-heating assistance program after a man in northern New Brunswick died earlier this month in his unheated home.

The program, which falls under the “no-disconnect policy,” is designed to ensure low-income residents are able to heat their homes during the winter months.

But Paul-Emile Durelle, 53, of Baie-Ste-Anne died in hospital April 6, five days after his brother Bertrand found him on the floor of his unheated bungalow.
Bertrand Durelle said in an interview it was “barbaric” his brother died over a $1,500 bill.
Energy Minister Jack Keir, who stressed he wouldn’t comment on any specific case, said a program review isn’t necessary because home owners are responsible to pay their bills. If they are unable, they can access the program for financial relief.
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This one has gone down the Bermudan memory hole: (NB Power bonus outrageous, says MLA
Unknown - Miramichi Leader
(Expunged from internet searches)

MIRAMICHI — The announcement of a bonus for NB Power's CEO is insulting, says the brother of a man who died after the company cut off his electricity last ...
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Brother of N.B. man who died after power cut off in winter wants answers
April 28, 2008
Anonymous - The Canadian Press

FREDERICTON _ The brother of a man who died after power was cut to their home in February says he´s coming to the New Brunswick legislature this week looking for answers.

Bertrand Durelle said Monday he can´t erase the image from his mind of his 53-year-old brother lying freezing on the floor of the unheated house, his toes black from frostbite, after struggling to survive for weeks in the bitter cold.

"It´s a tragedy and it shouldn´t have happened," Durelle said in an interview.

"How could the New Brunswick government let something like this happen in 2008?"
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N.B. no-disconnect policy reviewed after man dies
Anonymous - CBC News
April 25, 2008

The family of a man who died of organ failure after living in a home without electricity or heat for weeks in the winter is demanding to know why his power was disconnected.

The New Brunswick government implemented a no-disconnect policy two years ago. It is meant to protect people who can't afford to pay their power bills from November to March.

Bertrand Durelle and his brother Paul were living in a home in Baie-Ste-Anne in northern New Brunswick during the winter and found they couldn't afford to pay their bills to NB Power.

Durelle said he contacted utility several times to say he couldn't pay the bill, which exceeded $1,500.

"I said, 'I can't send any money, I don't have any,'" Durelle said. "[NB Power] said to contact the province."
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Anonymous said...

This article is slanderous at best. No person or persons died as a result of NBPower. That is why the coverage stopped. The so called bonus scandal- that was dreamt up by Shawn buy's buddy maGuire who was setting the stage for this secret deal. As far as Lepreau, not a debacle and finally, the Irving discount is a Shawn deal too. NBP ower didn't do the deal. It was a surprise to them too.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I think you should check your facts. There are several erroneous statements.

The media stopped reporting on the Durelle death because there were "other issues" at play.

It was NB Power's Board, run by Francis McGuire, personal friend of the Premier's who brought forward the bonuses for NB Power executives. This was probably the beginning of government to make NB Power look bad.

In terms of a discount for Irvings, again this is government and not NB Power.

Thank you for posting information, but look a little deeper into what you are saying so as to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Dan F said...

"No person or persons died as a result of NBPower. That is why the coverage stopped."


Please explain this to Mr. Durelle's brother.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me as odd is...if a man's home were THAT cold, why didn't either of them pick up the phone and call other family members or friends to see if they could stay with them? Something about this story just doesn't sound right. If it were THAT cold, and for WEEKS, wouldn't any normal person finally be driven to figure out some other alternatives to keep warm? Go to a homeless shelter if need be!