Kleptocrats Start Violently Flipping out at NB Legislature

I have three comments on the NB Legislature Aggressiongate:

1) It's about time some aggression was shown from the opposition. Scams like the NB Power 'deal' are what you get with these gelded puppets in office.

2) Why are the cameras always off when something interesting goes down in the Legislature? (like a doubling of MLA pensions during the flood of '08)

3) The journalists in the first video are having a real laugh at the childishness of this whiny kleptocrat Jamieson's complaints. 19 years in office for this one - no wonder we're selling the farm. - Dan F.

Video Source: CBC's crippled video site
Video Source: Charles Leblanc
N.B. Liberal premier alleges Tory member threatened deputy Speaker
Kevin Bissett - Canadian Press

FREDERICTON — An Opposition member in New Brunswick has been accused of threatening the deputy Speaker of the provincial legislature, but the Tory politician in question is rejecting the allegation.

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham levelled the allegation Friday, accusing Conservative Cy LeBlanc of physically threatening Bill Fraser during a confrontation Thursday evening.

"While we often disagree on matters of policy and substance ... it is imperative that we have mutual respect and conduct ourselves in a way people elected to represent the interests of all New Brunswickers should," Graham said in the legislature.

Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson alleges LeBlanc started shouting at Fraser and using foul language shortly later.

"(LeBlanc) moved from his seat, up the aisle," said Jamieson. "He was held back by some members of the Opposition and he was physically removed from the legislature by them. "I've been a member for 19 years and I've never seen such aggressive behaviour in the legislature," Jamieson added. "This is a very big embarrassment."
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Tory MLA 'physically threatened' Liberal: N.B. premier
Anonymous - CBC News
December 11, 2009

A Progressive Conservative MLA "physically threatened" a Liberal MLA in the legislative assembly on Thursday night, according to Premier Shawn Graham.

Graham told the legislative assembly on Friday that Bill Fraser, who is the legislature's deputy speaker, was threatened by an Opposition MLA.

The premier did not name the Opposition MLA who made the alleged threat.

But Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson was in the assembly at the time and told reporters MLA Cy LeBlanc was aggressive toward the deputy speaker.

"He moved from his seat up the aisle. He was held back by some members of the Opposition, and he was physically removed from the legislature by them into the anteroom, the Opposition anteroom," Jamieson said.

LeBlanc denied the allegation. He said he lost his temper when Fraser did not allow Opposition leader David Alward to speak in the legislature.

"That's the reason that I was totally, totally mad," LeBlanc said.
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