Bilderberg McKenna on Neu Braunschweig's place in the NWO

Video Source: Jason MacLean (twitter: @yogaj; see also The Yoga Outlet, Saint John, New Brunswick)
Bilderberg McKenna comparing New Brunswick to Israel, not a bad comparison if NB locals = Palestinians while monopoly oil barons & banksters = Zionists. Notice neither mention the Natural Gas (1, 2, 3) being hidden from an overtaxed and preyed upon populace. I think he's too busy worrying about the NAU's failing crusade overseas to discuss how the captured picture province truly mirrors other kleptocracies (some examples).

The kind of damage inflicted by self-appointed 'masters of destiny' in NB luckily haven't reached Israeli proportion, at least in our lifetime (4). Though you can tell in the sheen on our kleptocrats' eyes they'll gladly take us in whatever direction their string pullers yank them. Stuffing their chronies wallets and getting / signing postdated IOUs/MOUs all the way.

What sort of legacy other than a fat bank account and personal glory does old Frank plan on leaving, I wonder? Will TD build a new Stinktown (a.k.a. Irvingtown) branch in his name? I say we carve his and Shawnocchio's profiles onto the remains of the Mactaquac dam after the Quebecois drain it. I just hope he sticks around long enough to see and maybe even repent for all that his NWO gangsterism will cost us.


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October 5 OPNews publishes that 'even citizens from countries trained to perceive themselves as free are fast becoming aware that they are living under an ever enlarging fascist central government' and News Blaze publishes 'Obama Does Use Hypnotic Technique in Speeches'.

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September 1 2009 Camelot Project publishes 'In Conversation with David Icke'.

September 9 Sky News writes 'the core of the film addresses the existence of a New World Order and how it operates within the government and manipulates the media'. American Chronicle publishes

September 14 that 'The state is serious about enforcing the NWO agenda of population reduction and asset collection. We are not human to the state. We are assets, nothing more. We are used up and disposed of in the most convenient way'.

September 24 writes 'the NWO [New World Order] controlled American military wants these GPS markers so they can launch Predator Drone missile attacks'.

September 26 Baller Status writes '"If they controlled it before, what makes you think they're not controlling it now?"'.

September 29 seattlest publishes 'Icke’s “new age conspiracism” is the idea that the world is ruled by a secret conspiracy which he calls the “Global Elite” or “Illuminati.'

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