Kleptocrats sell out Neu Braunschweig Power Corporation

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John St Amans - Mighty Grand Falls Blog
November 2nd, 2009

I believe that by selling NB Power to Hydro Quebec is a mistake of astronomical proportions any province that sells its natural resources out-wright to another is asking to be someone else Bitch.
I think there should be a referendum for people to vote on this decisions being that it affects all New Brunswickers, I also believe its the government of New Brunswick, responsibility to inform us of all the pros and cons of this sellout and explain to the NB people in detail what would be our advantages of doing this, I feel frustrated at the audacity of our provincial government to put something so big on a plate without even asking public opinion.

How many times do maritimers have to get reamed up the old Cazoo! before we take a stand to fight for what is truly ours and take action against our government for being a communist government by making us feel like they can do whatever they feel like once they are elected and we have to sit on the sidelines and take it and shut the F'n up!

I myself, I am disgusted with this socialist communist bullshit we are a people that vote for are elected rep. So why do they feel they can screw us over like that and think they can get away with it, I will tell you why because we let them. We wouldn't let our children vandalize our community why would we put up with this crap from our Elected officials.
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Jacques Poitras - CBC Spin Reduxit

The debate on NB Power is now fully engaged, and there's a lot of anger out there, and there are a lot of accusations aimed at the government: that it has no mandate to do this, that it goes against self-sufficiency.

Let's take the easy one first. The self-sufficiency agenda was never about shutting our borders to commerce in favour of building, growing, and generating everything we need within the province. It was about eliminating the need for federal equalization payments. Reducing our total public debt (government and NB Power combined) from $12.5 billion to $7.8 billion is arguably a step in that direction, if (and it's a mighty big if) the province gets serious about paying down the rest of it.

So there's no contradiction there. But it's the Liberals who are to blame for the confusion. Rather than making it clear to voters that self-sufficiently meant an end to dependence on equalization, they gave in to the temptation to use the term as a slogan to justify all sorts of initiatives. By trying to make it mean everything, they allowed it to mean nothing.

Another line of attack is that the Liberals have "no mandate" to do this and that they are breaking an election promise. I see these two as not quite the same. A mandate, in political terms, is what the voters have given the government the permission to do, based mainly on election promises. But there has to be a sliding scale: by year four of a government's term, a lot can change, and governments must be able adapt to a changing context. The "mandate" notion doesn't contemplate everything that can happen.
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