Alternatives to NB Power Theft: CG on the Mysterious East

What’s the alternative?
Philip Lee - The Mysterious East
November 11, 2009

David Campbell explores the alternatives
to the NB Power to Hydro Quebec sale. This seems to me to be a key question: if we are going to reject the deal with Hydro Quebec, what is the alternative? Is there a better deal out there? Or is this an opportunity that we better not pass up?
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Dan Fitzgerald wrote:
The alternative is for the party who ran on a 'we won't sell NB power' platform to call a new election and let democracy work.

The alternative, as excruciating as it may seem for Irving bloggers and Twittering frantics, is NOT TO SELL the power corporation to another province.

If Quebec is willing to go into hock to buy the thing up - it's gotta be worth more than they're paying. The result of the buyout will certainly be detrimental to our infrastructure (hint: they're buying it so we can't do a deal with NFLD).

What kind of a government would try to pull this obviously crooked deal in the midst of a world-wide crisis?

Oh yeah - the kind who doubles their own pensions in the middle of a flood, with the cameras off. NB media are either all owned or blocked (see Charles Leblanc) to keep this and other charades going.

Luckily the public are not swayed by the lies anymore - and no multimillion advertising blitz is likely to change things - call it the rice-and-beans / political skepticism phenomenon, and I for one welcome it back not a minute too soon.

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