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HST tax grab must be stopped: Layton & Horwath

September 24th, 2009

OTTAWA – The new HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will hurt thousands of Ontarians already paying more than their fair share of taxes, according to both Federal New Democrat Leader Jack Layton and Provincial New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath. Both Leaders were in London today calling on their respective governments to stop their plan to implement the HST.

"Dalton McGuinty's HST means 8 per cent more on the basics like home heating, gasoline, and the morning coffee. Instead of helping to create jobs in hard hit communities, McGuinty is making life less affordable, and that will hurt London families," said Horwath.

The HST will mean an 8% increase on gas, hydro and everyday purchases like coffee and newspapers. This will hurt the pocketbooks of Ontario families and the economic recovery. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has reported that the HST will slow job growth by up to 40,000 jobs per year.

New Democrats, both federally and provincially have unwaveringly opposed the HST.

“Stephen Harper has bribed McGuinty’s government to agree to shift the tax burden onto hard-working Canadians. They must be stopped,” said Layton. “Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff are in support of this tax grab. Well, I’m proud to stand here with Andrea to tell Stephen Harper’s government, and the Liberals, that they face strong opposition from New Democrats. We will oppose your tax grab at every level.” said Layton.
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