Corporo-Fascist NWO Global Governance under Guise of Environmentalism

Lord Christopher Monckton: Obama Will Cede US Soveriegnty In Climate Treaty
Shannon Bell - The Admonition
October 19, 2009

Warning of a Global Government meant to enforce the transfer of wealth from rich Nations like ours to third world Nations, Lord Christopher Monckton says that Barack Obama is poised to cede our sovereignty over to the United Nations in the name of saving the planet. This would be done he says by the signing of the Global Climate Treaty in Copenhagen in a few weeks.

Lord Christopher Monckton speaking at the Minnesota Free Market Institute 5 days ago said that within the climate treaty that Obama is so willing to sign, the ceding of our sovereignty awaits. A global government will be established that will be run of course by the U.N.; the scary part of all of this? Once Obama signs the climate treaty and if the Senate were to ratify that treaty, that treaty by virtue of Article 6 of the Constitution, would effectively trump the Constitution.

Essentially what would take place according to Lord Christopher Monckton is that rich countries like the United States would have its wealth transferred to poorer countries based on the fact that we screwed the planet’s climate up, while they (the poor countries) were just victims.

The big picture is this, once we enter into this treaty we will never be allowed to leave it. All member Nations of the treaty would have to “let you out”. We of course would never be let out because we would be forced to pay in the most since we “pollute” the most. Countries who are benefiting financially from our poor position of being in the Copenhagen Treaty would never allow us out.
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