Fredericton Police Beat Down MisIdentified Soldier

Video Source: Charles Leblanc
Alleged police attack may nix soldier's Afghan tour
Fredericton officer suspended as RCMP investigate allegation
July 24, 2009
Anonymous - CBC News

A Quebec-based soldier says his tour of duty in Afghanistan may be in jeopardy after he was roughed up by Fredericton police officers outside a downtown night club.

Luc Begin, who was in Fredericton celebrating his engagement, has filed a complaint over the incident with the local police and the New Brunswick Police Commission, alleging that he was assaulted.

Begin, normally based at CFB Valcartier in Quebec, told CBC News in an interview on Thursday that he is supposed to go to Afghanistan in October 2010. But the infantry private said he suffered a broken vertebra in his back during the altercation and that could cost him his tour of duty.

"I feel bad because [going to Afghanistan] is part of my job," he said. "Serving my country just like those police — it's part of their job to protect people, not to beat them up."
Begin shows the results of the altercation outside a nightclub, which was prompted because police mistook him for someone else, he says.

Witnesses, including one with video footage, support Begin's story.
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Soldier Luc Begin's Statement (Source: The Telecrap Urinal), see also CBC & Irving):
July 21, 2009

Subject: Complaint of Misconduct

Fredericton Chief of Police/New Brunswick Police Commission,
I wish to lodge a formal complaint regarding the conduct of four Fredericton Police Force constables on the morning of 18 July 2009.

I have included the statements of witnesses as attachments.

On or about 1:00 AM on 18 July, I was with my Fiancé Miss Glenna Deveau on King Street, Fredericton in front of a club called Sweetwaters. We were celebrating our newly announced engagement with a group of my fellow military members.

I noticed that two police cruisers were in the parking lot. One constable (name deleted) approached me and asked me if he could have a word with me. I complied and we walked to the sidewalk. He, at that time accused me of having been involved in an incident a couple of weeks prior where he stated that I had run from Police. At that point, I was standing with my hands at my side. He stated that one of the bouncers working at the club, and indeed he recognized me from the previous incident. I informed him at the time that it could not have been me, as I was not in the area and could provide witnesses and sworn statements to support my claim if given the opportunity.

At this point, I was grabbed from behind by one or more members and thrown to the ground. I was completely surprised at this point, as there was no indication that our conversation had escalated to confrontation. I was detained, but not placed under arrest, informed of my rights or given the opportunity to comply.

I was afraid and completely confused at this point. My face was slammed repeatedly into the pavement with great force. One or more constables placed their knees on the back of my head and on my back. I was kneed, kicked and hit with open and closed handed strikes and generally beaten until I was senseless. Again, I reiterate that at no time up until I was administered this beating, was I informed that I was under arrest, given the opportunity to comply or even granted the courtesy of having the opportunity to ask questions. I had no opportunity to resist or to comply. Constables screaming “stop resisting” while administering a beating and committing an assault does not constitute resistance on the part of the victim.

At that point, I lost consciousness and only have the reports of bystanders to rely on. I woke up at the police station. I asked them if they were going to continue to beat me, in particular, using a telephone book that was close at hand. It was stated to me that “they did not do those sort of things here.”
Complaint continues via these sources: (Telecrap Urinal, CBC, Irving)

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