NWO / NAU News: Atlantica Party Releases Corporate Manifesto

Original Image Source: Atlantica Party
The dawning of the “Age of Atlantica”
Alec Bruce - The bruce report
May 19th, 2009

Some will undoubtedly argue that the Atlantica Party’s new policy book is the work of right-wing fanatics.

Others will insist that it evinces all the hallmarks of left-wing lunacy.

Of course, it’s neither.

Nevertheless, most who peruse this slim manifesto – released to the public only last week (http://www.atlanticaparty.ca/files/Vision%20-%20Atlantica%20Party%20Policy%20Book.pdf) – will inevitably come away with more questions than answers, more doubt than certitude.

The peripatetic leader of the party is one Jonathan Dean, whose official biography describes his life-journey this way: “Like many Atlantic Canadians, [he] had to leave the region to pursue his chosen career in investment research. He lived in Toronto for ten years working for various investment companies including Canada’s largest pension plan and a prominent hedge fund. He moved back home a few years ago to be closer to his family and because he missed Atlantic Canada. Soon after, he joined a local political debating group made up of private citizens, which evolved into The Atlantica Party. Jonathan has been the leader of The Atlantica Party since November 17, 2006 and has been tasked with the party’s development.”
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