Fredericton to lose Downtown Bustation for Irving Garage

Part 2 - Video Source: Charles Leblanc
Round and round, to the edge of town
Caveat Doctor - May 27, 2009

Bus terminals are fixtures of Downtowns across Canada’s cities. Without fail, you can travel from coast-to-coast and manage to see what every city has to offer the moment you step off the coach. Wherever you are, arriving and departing from Downtown you’re guaranteed a first impression and last look to remember.

See Maps There’s Victoria’s, steps from the Inner Harbour, across the street from the Royal BC Museum, and kitty-corner from the Legislature - Vancouver’s is co-located with the train station – fantastic ambience, and easy access to the Skytrain - Edmonton’s is just at the edge of Downtown - and so is Calgary’s - Saskatoon’s is within a block of the city transit interchange - and Regina’s across from the Casino – chance to cash in on a quick stopover - Winnipeg’s brings you within spitting distance of Portage and Main - while Toronto’s gets you right into the thick of the action at Dundas Square - Ottawa’s is a bit of a hike from Downtown, but at least Bank St is entertaining as you head uptown - Montreal’s drops you off in the middle of the Village - and Halifax’s train/bus station, like Vancouver’s, makes for classic arrivals and farewells like you see in the movies

It’s not just about giving travellers an attractive welcome to the community; nor is it just about making life convenient for rural commuters from the area to work Downtown; or promoting environmentally-friendly public transport by making it more attractive or useful; or supporting financially-conscious passengers like students who can’t afford hidden costs like taxi transfers to inconvenient stations.
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