Fredericton mayor reaffirms CND military freedom to NB capital

Video Source: Charles LeBlanc
Fredericton mayor reaffirms CND military freedom to NB capital
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Politics
May 6th, 2009

While small town mayors having any say in the operations of military in the NAU is laughable, the grandiose, acquiescent handover of power is troubling on a number of levels.

First, with the disdain city officials have shown over the last year for the homeless (1, 2), environmental scientists (3), bloggers (4) and even historical monuments (5) being destroyed by corporo-fascists (6) and their stooges, a conscientious soldier should feel no honour in it.

Second and more tangibly, the recent history of Canadian forces staging fake bank raids in the downtown Fredericton core (7) shows that this is not purely symbolic - and may have real consequences. With the former fly-boy Woodside making this granting of freedom (8) to what should be a foreign-focussed defensive force - one can only wonder what sort of plans are in the works in the years to come.

Hopefully not more kicks at the global Armageddon goal post (9, 10) this summer by the Harperites - no city in Canada or indeed the world will be free for anyone if the kleptocrats and mad dogs of war succeed in bringing us to their promised land.

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