BNB & the NWO on Neu Braunschweig government's propaganda site

Video Source: BNB blog / GNB Youtube channel
Ambir - Taking Manhattan // Conquerit Manhattan
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** Laughs **

Hi, I'm Iain Cavanagh and I'm Chief Executive Officer of Ambir. We are an IT consulting services company based in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada and we service the eastern Canadian market and the North-Eastern US market.

I am thrilled to be representing Ambir in New York. It's important for us to be here, to tell our story about our company, about our region, why New Brunswick deserves to be part of the New World Order.

Quite often, back here, we don't go out and tell our story clearly enough or with enough passion. I've had the benefit to live and work all around the world. I chose to come back to eastern Canada and set up our business in new Brunswick.

We're now coming out and telling the world what our story is, in order to earn the opportunity to do do business with you. Technology being what it is today, with the level of complexity, we are here to help simplify that for business.
YouTube tells the story
Ryan Donaghy - Business New Brunswick
May 11, 2009

We are not just using this blog to tell our story as we lead up to and during our time in New York City. Check out our YouTube channel for regular updates, testimonials and events at

We have been getting content ready over the last two weeks and I want to thank the people who so graciously agreed to tell us why they are excited about going to New York - they were all good sports!
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