Mulroney and post-1984 Kanadian University Funding

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Some insightful comments on the CBC NB article
Universities seek students, private contracts amid funding crunch
Emily Chung - CBC News
April 17, 2009

Some Canadian students face higher tuition and less financial aid as universities take unpleasant steps to balance their books amid rising costs and receding investment income. Meanwhile, some universities are seeking additional students as one solution to their woes.

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Dukeboy wrote
If you students read Mel Hurtigs book; The Truth about Canada< you would be out in the streets protesting for you country and your education.

All of Canada changed when Brian Mulroney was elected in 1984. That was a watershed for Canada! In your case, Federal transfers to the provinces for post secondary education fell to 0.19 % of GNP in 2004 from 0.56% in 1984 while student growth increased nearly 50% between 1987 and 2003. , faculty growth lagged at 7%.

A lot of Canada's problems started with Mulroney's tearing up of the FIRA agreement and installed Investment Canada. Since then Canada has been sold off to foreign corporations. Canada is being increasingly controlled from outside and the profits being sent out of the country leaving the people to pay the taxes for all social programs including education!

There have been over 12,000 of Canada's major companies sold to foreign corporations who run them a subsidiary operations, load them with the company debt and funnel the profits out if Canada, pay little or no taxes. We are becoming a third world country and only the rich will be able to afford to send their children to university!

NAFTA has contributed more to Canada's decline than most Canadians are aware of. We have been sued under NAFTA for $350 million and had to withdraw health lawss (Google NAFTA MMT) Now Martin signed the SSP and Harper has agroup of CEO's who are workingf on the wording for legislation. It is NAFTA on steroids and is an assault on our medicare system and water . It will allow US corporations to control them!


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