Mulroney Senior Advisor can't remember $90,000 check from Arms Dealers

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'No memory' of Airbus memo: Former Mulroney aide
Richard J. Brennan - Toronto Star
April 28th, 2009

OTTAWA – A former aide to Brian Mulroney says he has "no memory" of a memo written to Karlheinz Schreiber confirming that Airbus planes had been delivered to Air Canada.

Fred Doucet, who was a chief of staff to the former prime minister, was testifying yesterday at a public inquiry, led by Justice Jeffrey Oliphant, that is probing business dealings between Mulroney and Schreiber, a German Canadian businessman.

A memo entered into evidence from Doucet to Schreiber on the number of planes Air Canada purchased is dated Aug. 27, 1993, the day that Mulroney received his first cash payment from Schreiber for lobbying on behalf of a proposal to build German-designed military vehicles in Canada.

"I have no memory of this memorandum at all," Doucet said, referring to the memo to Schreiber confirming that "34 Airbus have been purchased and delivered to Air Canada."
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