Medicine Hat plays battlefield for urban nwd terror ops

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Canadian Troops Take to Streets in Medicine Hat\
John Cotter - Medicine Hat News (via infowars)
April 15, 2009

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Canada’s sunniest city, Medicine Hat, will stand in this spring for dusty, dangerous Kandahar as a new battle group of troops trains for duty in Afghanistan.

The community of 61,000 is going to allow more than 800 soldiers to practise convoys and patrols on its streets as well as how to respond to simulated roadside bomb explosions.

Some troops will act as Taliban insurgents as the units get experience on what it is like to operate in a busy urban setting, Col. Andre Corbould, commander of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, said Tuesday.

“We are going to make it as realistic as we possibly can,” Corbould said. “We want to have them respond to incidents within the city like they will do in Afghanistan.”

Most of the troops involved in the training will be serving with the Provincial Reconstruction Team based in Kandahar City.
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