Fredericton Police Arrest NB Blogger Covering Mactaquac Protest

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More Fascism in the capital of the 'place to be', maybe it's the place to be for cops, crooked politicians and indentured slaves. - Dan F.
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Fredericton police arrest well-known N.B. blogger on legislature grounds
Anonymous - CBC News
April 23, 2009

Charles LeBlanc, a controversial N.B. blogger, was arrested outside the legislature on Thursday.Charles LeBlanc, a controversial N.B. blogger, was arrested outside the legislature on Thursday. (CBC)

One of New Brunswick's most well-known and controversial bloggers was arrested and taken off the legislature grounds by police in Fredericton Thursday.

Charles LeBlanc blogs about politics and social justice issues in Fredericton and has been barred from the legislature grounds since June 2006.

LeBlanc has often been spotted around the legislature but on Thursday he was arrested after a protest and was taken away in a police car.

"Fascism in action," LeBlanc said as he was being led to a patrol car by Fredericton police officers. "I was out covering a protest, that's all I was doing."
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1. Fredericton Peace Coalition
Fredericton police arrest well-known N.B. blogger on legislature grounds

Charles Leblanc was arrested today moments after stepping onto the legislature grounds to take pictures for his blog. As the police manhandled him to the sidewalk, a crowd of students gathered around to witness this disgusting and frivolous use of power.

2. Gypsy Blog
Blogging in NB con't

Sheesh, first Spinks shuts down then Charles LeBlanc gets arrested... what's next Rob does a redesign?

3. Daily Gleaner (Irving Media)
Province's support of active living questioned

Meanwhile, outside the legislature, the Fredericton Police Force arrested blogger Charles LeBlanc during the rally.

LeBlanc has been banned from the property since 2006.

Const. Ralph Currie confirmed that police arrested a man during the rally, but he wouldn't name the individual.

He said the man was released with a promise to appear in court at a later date. Police are investigating the incident, but Currie said the man could face charges related to trespassing and mischief.

4. Charles Leblanc's Other blog


One of New Brunswick’s most well-known and disputable bloggers has been settled low collar after violating a forbiddance from the assembly deposit in Fredericton on Thursday.

6. Committee to protect bloggers

Canadian Blogger Arrested

CBC reports that New Brunswick province blogger Charles LeBlanc was arrested outside the legislature in Fredericton on Thursday. LeBlanc had been banned from the legislature grounds and was arrested after a protest.

7. CBC's blog Spin Redux

The Tale of Charles LeBlanc

There is no doubt that Charles LeBlanc (after the Spin Reduxit team of course} is New Brunswick's best-known blogger.


What’s disturbing to any defender of free speech and the freedom of the press is we have never been told exactly why LeBlanc has been deemed a security risk.

I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t the entire principle of habeas corpus mean that LeBlanc should have been told why he was banned from the legislative assembly and given a forum to appeal? Traditionally, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is the ultimate authority on those grounds and so many laws do not apply, such as the human rights or the right to information laws. But our principles should still hold true and LeBlanc should be entitled to know what he’s done to be banned.

This arrest now raises additional questions. Thursday was not the first time that LeBlanc has been spotted breaking this questionable prohibition from a public place, so why arrest him now? And who authorized the arrest? It stands to reason if he was arrested now, there must have been some direction as there are no accounts that he became violent on Thursday.

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8. Government Injustice

Charles the blooger

They are trying to set an example with Charles but in reality they are creating a strong undercurrent of support for him.

The may find him to be a pain in their butt but they ain't seen nothing yet. They claim assault and he was the one assaulted. It is all on video so will come in handy. They are upset because Charles lodged a complaint the day before against one of the arresting Nazis and the Goose Stepper made it personal.

To the politicians and police of New Brunswick be warned. It is the citizens that control you, not the other way around.

9. antibullshit

Fredericton police arrest well-known New Brunswick blogger on legislature grounds.

10. Left News

Fredericton police arrest well-known N.B. blogger on legislature grounds

Posted by alex_c -I was there when Charles was arrested today. As soon as Charles stepped on to the legislature grounds the officer immediately walked towards him and man-handled him onto the sidewalk where a group of students watched as Charles was arrested.

11. Statism Watch

Fredericton police arrest well-known N.B. blogger on legislature grounds

How dare he cover a protest on public property. How dare he take photographs to expose the Atlantica treaty conference and be ‘disrespectful’ to his betters. The slaves must be kept in their place. If LeBlanc gets uppity and walks the hallowed grounds again, he’ll be charged with assault - regardless of whether any such assault has taken place. That’s how justice rolls in NB.

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Instead of 'to serve and protect the Fredericton Gestapo should change their motto 'to subvert and plunder'

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