Neu Braunschweig Strom Anführer's Rule Extended - 1 year bonus freeze

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Well I'll give him one thing - he's man enough to admit bloggers are media, and that we need more of them in Neu Braunschweig. - Dan F.
NB Power offers CEO 3-year contract extension, freezes salary
Anonymous - CBC News
March 19, 2009

NB Power's board of directors is extending the contract of its controversial president for three years, but David Hay's $386,000 salary is subject to the Liberal government's new two-year wage freeze policy.

Hay has come under fire in recent months for his $96,000 annual bonus; for the scheduling delays of the $1.4-billion Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station; and for a letter of support for the president that was circulated for employees to sign.

Although his salary is being held steady for two years, a statement from the company's board said all performance-based pay will be frozen only for 2009-10.

Energy Minister Jack Keir said in the second and third year of the contract, the board of directors must inform Hay on April 1 whether any bonuses will be available in that fiscal year.
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