Neu Braunschweig Kleptocrats jump Whole Hog on 'Bailout' Bandwagon

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Neu Braunschweig Kleptocrats jump Whole Hog on 'Bailout' bandwagon
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Political Opinion
March 18th, 2009

So it looks like we're going to enslave ourselves to the tune of 800 million (probably a billion) this year alone, at the same time that our main resource and prospects as per the clip above remain in low wage jobs.

Who the hell do they think is going to pay back that money?

It wasn't good enough that the banks and corporations first wrangled everyone savings and investments out into their hands, then we find out they've been gambling it at giant spreads and losing. Now we're being forced to borrow it back for them so that they can 'create new jobs' and all sorts of other tragically Bull$hit political slogans.

All while the biggest political backers and propagandists - the Irvings and their feudal lords - laugh at the idea of paying taxes. Why pay for your tyranny when you can build monuments and 'charities' like the pharaohs of old.

Well if lower taxes are great for NB, why don't we all just follow the Irvings and just not send in our taxes this year? Oh right - those feudal dues are garnished directly off our debt-slave wages. What bugs me most is the arrogance and blind certainty that the failing measures redoubled will somehow solve a worsening problem.
N.B. business groups applaud budget's tax cut package
Daniel McHardie - CBC News
March 17, 2009

Tory MLA Bruce Fitch says he is concerned the tax cuts in the N.B. budget are directed mostly at higher-income earners.Tory MLA Bruce Fitch says he is concerned the tax cuts in the N.B. budget are directed mostly at higher-income earners. (Daniel McHardie/CBC)

Three New Brunswick business organizations are applauding the Liberal government's budget for its blend of personal and income tax cuts, designed to drag the province out of recession.

Two years after panning the Shawn Graham government's first budget for its tax hikes, all appeared to be forgiven as the province's business community is embracing the Liberals' new four-year plan, which will see corporate tax rates fall to the lowest in Canada and significant personal income tax cuts.

'Being able to tout New Brunswick as having the lowest corporate income taxes in the land will certainly... resonate throughout boardrooms from coast to coast.'— David Plante, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Mark Arsenault, chief executive officer of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association, delivered a simple message on behalf of many of the province's largest employers that "all tax cuts are good in our mind."
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N.B. budget cuts hundreds of millions in taxes
Daniel McHardie - CBC News
March 17, 2009

Finance Minister Victor Boudreau talks to reporters at a news conference on Tuesday.Finance Minister Victor Boudreau talks to reporters at a news conference on Tuesday.

The New Brunswick government is unleashing a series of personal and corporate tax cuts in its 2009-10 budget as it attempts to provide a jolt to the province's faltering economy.

Finance Minister Victor Boudreau announced Tuesday a four-year plan that will merge the province's four tax brackets into two with lower rates and cut corporate taxes to the lowest in the country. Under the plan, there would be tax cuts totalling $143.5 million in 2009-10; this would increase to tax cuts totalling $380.2 million in 2012-13.
N.B. budget highlights

* $7.8 billion in total government expenses.
* $740.9-million deficit for 2009-10.
* $8.27-billion debt for 2009-10.
* Personal income tax cuts starting immediately.
* Four tax brackets merged to two, at rates of nine per cent and 12 per cent, by 2012.
* Corporate tax rate cut to 12 per cent in 2009-10 from 13 per cent.
* Four-year plan to cut corporate taxes to eight per cent.
* Small business tax threshold increases to $500,000 from $400,000.
* $182 million in savings from spending cuts and wage freeze.
* NB Power forecasting $61-million deficit in 2009-10.
* N.B. economy to contract by 0.3 per cent in 2009.

"Combined with the government's two-year, $1.2-billion capital [project spending] plan, this will help provide the economic stimulus to recover from the current economic slowdown and accelerate our path to a more self-sufficient New Brunswick," Boudreau said.
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