Neu Braunschweig Kleptocrats Freeze Civil Servant Salaries

They should freeze the upper-level salaries of any banks or businesses they 'bail out' or prop up as well. - Dan F.
N.B. government freezes public sector wages for 2 years
Anonymous - CBC News
March 12, 2009

New Brunswick is imposing a two-year wage freeze on all its civil servants, Human Resources Minister Rick Brewer said Thursday.

A day after news started leaking that the Liberal government could cut "hundreds" of bureaucrats in next Tuesday's provincial budget, Brewer and Premier Shawn Graham met with public sector union leaders in Fredericton.

Brewer said the freeze will affect all upcoming contract negotiations.

"There are several that are coming up, so everyone in the system will get a two-year freeze," Brewer said.

Brewer said he wasn't sure how much money the wage freeze would save. He said more details will be available when the provincial budget is released next week.
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Anonymous said...

If Shawn knew how to govern and didn't waste so much money, we wouldn't be in this mess. How much have they given to irvig in the last year? 70 million?