Newly Homeless in the NAU - Change Needed for the Needy

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Why We Should Be Ashamed Of Congress and Our President.
by Jeremy Frombach -
March 19th, 2008

I happened to catch the Dateline video segment on American Home Foreclosures yesterday. Have you seen this? Video footage of reluctant police officers going to home after home saying "I'm sorry, but we have come to remove you from this house, the bank has foreclosed and the courts have ordered you out." It is truly heart breaking. One man sits and sobs to his daughter that he is so sorry he was unable to keep a roof over her head.

Jesus Christ.

Over 220,000 homes in this country are in some form of delinquency. Here is where I can't comprehend where all of the heads of Liberals are at- why do you demand and insist that these people, while unable to even support their families by keeping a roof over their head, still be forced to pay the income tax rather than their mortgages? How does that benefit the greater good of this nation?? How is it better for their money to go to Wall Street, the Dept. of Defense, and social programs than to pay for their own homes??

If you were to see the face of the people paying for all of these things you think you are somehow entitled to- how would you feel? Saying "Sorry you're homeless, but at least my state got some federal aid for some highways!" Can any man with a beating heart in his chest honestly say anyone who makes $36,000 a year is better off handing over 30% of it to the government rather than using that money to pay his rent or mortgage? It is better for him to be thrown in the street and go to a taxpayer funded homeless shelter than to keep his own roof over his head? It is a better use of the money to ship it off to Wall Street, AIG, and the Big 3 in Detroit to keep them from failing (which they will anyway) rather than to let a working man use that money to feed his children?

Maybe you don't think that. And thank God! But Barack Obama does. As does Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and every other worthless Democrat in Congress. They see nothing wrong with continuing the income tax (which by the way only produces $1.1 Trillion in revenue, and this year alone over $800 Billion of it went to Wall Street firms in the TARP bailout, so quite literally 72 cents of every dollar you pay in income tax this year, you will receive absolutely nothing in return.) Again, how is that better use of the money than to use it to pay mortgages? This is the America you liberals have dreamed of? This is the change we can believe in? Men weeping as they see their children with nowhere to sleep, while their hard earned meager salaries are cannibalized by the treasury and shipped off to irresponsible banks who deserve nothing more than to be utter collapsed and bulldozed to the ground? Again I ask, where are your heads?? Where are your hearts??
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