Irving Fights Gas Fumes wih Foam in Stinktown, NB

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Irving crews use foam to knock down gasoline odour at refinery storage tank
Anonymous - The Canadian Press
March 23rd, 2009

SAINT JOHN, N.B. - Officials at Irving Oil are hoping to get to the bottom of an odour problem in one of the giant holding tanks at their Saint John, N.B., refinery.

Nearby residents started complaining about a strong gasoline smell in the area late last week. Refinery crews found gas pooling on the floating roof of the tank.

Irving spokesperson Jennifer Parker say they will get a better look inside the tank this week once crews finish draining it.

Until then they are spraying foam to keep the odour down.
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Irving Fights Gas Fumes wih Foam in Stinktown, NB
QSLS Politics - Dan F.
March 24th, 2009

Irving media can't even be bothered to send one of their people down to cover the story - the 'article' posted above is all their flagship internet portal has to tell us about their latest gas fume incident.

If the Irving conglomerates were doing a reasonable job of running their empire, they would know this approach of journalism cannot last forever. When this is all the reporting they do on Irving business SNAFUS, it's going to be progressively harder to justify coverage on other polluters (however pale their footprint will look next to the Bermudans).

This is less about the problem of industrial waste, but about the imbalance on private and corporate responsibility. The legal and social repercussions of irresponsible behavior that largely keep regular citizens in line never seem to be applied proportionately to global corporations. It's like they've got the locals by the proverbial balls, secure in the knowledge that the laws and news are being written (by their $hill minions) to control the serfs, never to reign in oil/media barons.

While the people of NB might not wish yet to reconsider our servitude to new-age feudalism, I'll bet the mounting Irving runoff won't be so easily brushed aside as some spilled gas in an city reeking of refineries 20 kilometers in all directions.

This article from the soon to be budget-slashed CBC makes it pretty clear that the source of the odour is pretty clear, all obfuscatory third-party articles to the contrary.
Irving Oil apologizes for odour to neighbours of Saint John refinery
Anonymous - CBC News
March 20, 2009

Irving Oil Ltd. is dispatching thousands of letters to people living near its Saint John refinery explaining why they might smell an unusual odour and what the company is doing to correct it.

Jennifer Parker, a company spokeswoman, said there was a problem with one of the oil storage tanks and oil got onto the rooftop.

"We did have a situation on Wednesday where some of that product ended up on top of the floating roofs, and as a result, there has been an odour present around the refinery," Parker said.

"And due to wind direction, some of that odour was present in the Champlain Heights area over the last few days."

Parker said the tank will be drained by Monday so that repairs can be done, if necessary. Until then, the company is applying foam on top of the oil to minimize the smell.
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