Fredericton Fascists ban non-$hill media from Legislative ground


Two members of the Fredericton Police Force confronts Blogger Charles LeBlanc in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!
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March 17th, 2009

Orders by Dan Bussieres!!!

I got everything on video!!!

I came close to be arrested.

The Fredericton Police are close to joining the Saint John Police Force and the R.C.M.P.!!!

Things are changing fast in the Capital!!!

Stay tuned!!!!
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Charles LeBlanc said...

Arrested for attention?

I don't believe so!!!!

I just wish to investigate Cops investigating Cops!

The Liberals totaaly ignore me on this issue.

I was never told the reason I was ban and will blog a detail blog on this one.

I have been there over 1,000 time and why are they on my ass once in a while.

Sure...arrest me but they must arrest the Commissionaire who told me that he'll break my camera across my face.

They must also look into the complaint that came from the mother of the guy who brutally murdered that young girl.

I don't wish to be arrested but I will surely be murdered in jail < Read blog I wrote on this issue >

If I have to be arrested but fighting for freedom?

Then so be it!!!

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