Beer Aficionado reviews Neu Braunschweig Select

Maurice the Homeless views on the New Brunswick Government new beer - Selection!!!
Charles Leblanc's Other Blog
March 13th, 2009


Well here is what I have to say about this beer.

I don't like the box,
I don't like the name,
I don't like the bottle cap,
I don't like the label,
I drank about 18 of them last night but I was confused because I did know if I was drinking it too warm or not because it has a stupid label on the bottle.

It did get me drunk because I don't remember if it tasted good or not.
Right now I have a big hangover and I have explosive diarrhea so thats not a good sign.
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Second review in Comments
Charles Leblanc's Other Blog
March 13th, 20090

Im on the 24th and final shauuun beer.
It gives a preety good buz I dont like cans.
I like woman cans but I likke my beer in bootles and not can.

Howya doing?
what a bunch..
listen to charles!
he iss the reel media
dont read the irving rag
its all lies
Howya doing?
charles bog is where you will get the rest of the story!
Howya doing?
I hope I dont get the foire again tomorow.
I wasted 2 rolls of cotonels and I cant aford anothre 2 rolls.
I have to go crash now.
Since Im drunk I probably wont here rose the homeless girs snore all night.

--maauricee the homeless guy --

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