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Canada does not like Russian nuclear bombers patrolling Arctic territory
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February 4th, 2009

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper initiated a demonstrative international scandal less than 24 hours before Barack Obama’s visit to the country. Harper accused Russia of its aggressive actions in the Arctic after Moscow sent its Tu-95 strategic bomber plane close to Canada’s Arctic borders.

Moscow said that the bomber did not transgress any borders and described Ottawa’s surprising statement as ‘farce’. Farce usually designates something cynical and hypocritical in politics. The chairman of the Canadian government accused Russia of aggression as he was probably looking for a reason to justify the expansion of his nation’s military presence in the Arctic region.

"I have expressed at various times the deep concern our government has with increasingly aggressive Russian actions around the globe and Russian intrusions into our airspace. This government has responded every time the Russians have done that. We will continue to respond; we will defend our airspace," the Canadian Prime Minister said.

As a matter of fact, the Canadian government has nothing to worry about.

“The Tu-95 strategic bomber, which took off from Russia’s Engels Air Base, conducted a scheduled sortie in accordance with the plan to patrol the Arctic latitudes. The flight of the Russian aircraft took place strictly in accordance with the international flight rules, and there was no intrusion of Canada’s air space made. The neighboring states have been notified of the flight in advance,” Alexander Drobyshevsky, an official spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

It is worthy of note that there are territories on our planet, which sovereign states control and there are other territories, which no one controls. The biggest part of the World Ocean refers to the second category, with the exception of territorial waters. The international law acknowledged the right of the states to control their coastal waters, whereas the open sea is the open territory for everyone.
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