Lost Citizenship in the NAU Terror War

Egypt-US physicist slams US govt discrimination
Marwa Awad, Courtney C. Radsch - Al Arabia News
February 1 2009

CAIRO - Nuclear physicist Dr. Moneim El-Ganayni was happily working as a senior scientist at a nuclear laboratory in Pennsylvania when his security clearance was abruptly suspended without explanation and he was denied an appeal out of concerns about “national security.” Although an American citizen, he decided to return to Egypt after three decades of living in America, out of principle.

“Everything I strived for all my life ended suddenly without a chance to defend myself,” El-Ganayni, 57, told AlArabiya.net, breaking his silence for the first time since he returned to his native Egypt in hopes of clearing his name and bringing to light civil rights violations he suffered at the hands of his adopted country before his upcoming Feb. appeal hearing.

"My case proves that holding an American citizenship does not mean that I am treated as one"
Moneim El-Ganayni, Egyptian American physicist

“My case proves that holding an American citizenship does not mean that I am treated as one. I am only a citizen when my rights are protected and this cannot happen in an environment of fear and tyranny under the name of national security,” said Gaynani from his brother’s home in Cairo, where he is staying until he sorts out his new life.

A naturalized American citizen, Ganayni was also active in his community, doing outreach at local prisons and helping to establish Pittsburgh’s Islamic Center and a mosque. Following the repressive laws and profiling after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, he became an outspoken critic of American policy towards Muslim Americans, the Iraq war and the Bush administration.
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Kanada hasn't even got the sense to rescue our children from the clutches of an imperialistic, flase-flag terror war torture prison, let alone keep the illusion of rights at a respectable level throughout the world's 7 and a half-years of Bu$hite terror war.

Bu$h of the North and Obaaama are not inspiring much confidence thus far if they're planning or even intend to turn things around. In fact, I see only more and more news indicating that the plans for global kleptocracy are proceeding and even more outrageous emergency-measures are destined to be taken.

While the side-effects of our NAU/NWO security state have done a great job of making debt-slavery much more permanent and civil / social rights a thing of the past, have they truly helped solve and non-scripted problem? Aren't foreign radicals much more likely to try something now, after we've bombed them or propped up dictators to make their people more subservient, rather than before that clear day in September? Aren't local extremists likely to be pushed forward and evolve into more effective enemies as state repression is supposedly unleashed?

I can't imagine the amount of issues history and social study teachers are having to gloss over in school these days Only a daily dose of Kanadian Nationalism, Zero-tolerance Theology and Pharmaceuticals are keeping the youth of today (taxpayers / slaves of tomorrow) silent and inactive on these pressing issues.

When will the youth finally see their position and decide (once again) to fight, no matter how ineffectively, for reason in governance and resist once again in the name of humanity's commonly-held ideals? - Dan F.

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