Ron Paul Dissents on Middle-NAU Gaza Resolution, Tells Truth on Hamas Origins

---- NAYS 5 ---
Kucinich, Moore, Paul, Rahall, Waters

FINAL VOTE RESULTS - H RES 34 - 9-Jan-2009
BILL TITLE: Recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, reaffirming the United States’ strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Yeas Nays PRES NV
Democratic 222 4 22 8
Republican 168 1 8
TOTALS 390 5 22 16


Paul holds US liable for Gazans death
Anonymous - Press TV
January 10, 2009

Republican congressman Ron Paul says the US is aiding and abetting Israel in Gaza through its financial and military support for Tel Aviv.

"The weapons being used to kill so many Palestinians are American weapons, and American funds, essentially, are being used for this," said the congressman Friday.

Israel launched an all-out war against the Gaza Strip and its democratically-elected ruler, the Hamas movement, to put an end to rocket attacks against southern Israel.

At least 821 Palestinians have been killed during the operation and some 3,330 others are reported wounded. At least 10 Israeli troops have been killed during the offensive so far.

Hamas demands a cessation to an 18-month Israeli blockade on Gaza before its fighters stop rocket attacks against Israel.
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