Kanada deports War Resister, Mother of 3 back to middle NAU

U.S. war deserter, mother of 3 must leave Canada
Anonymous - CBC News
January 7, 2009

A U.S. war deserter and mother of three young children was ordered to leave Canada when she appeared at a deportation hearing Wednesday in Mississauga, Ont.

Kimberly Rivera is shown with her daughter Rebecca, 4.Kimberly Rivera is shown with her daughter Rebecca, 4. (Courtesy of War Resisters Support Campaign)Kimberly Rivera moved to Toronto from Texas in early 2007 with her husband and two children after refusing redeployment to Iraq. In late November, she gave birth to a third child in Canada.

She had served in Iraq in 2006 as a gate guard at a forward operating base, according to the War Resisters Support Campaign.

The advocacy group said Rivera is the first U.S. female resister to come to Canada.

At a deportation hearing, Rivera was told to leave Canada by Jan. 27.
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