Irvings to Store #2 Diesel Barge off Yarmouth,

The Kleptocratic Politicians, Bermudan Money-Men and Shill press in NB must be taking their sweet time time coming up with the story for this one...

I've never seen such disinterest by the media for any Maritime story involving a submersible device and lobster in a long time. Maybe the recovery / mitigation efforts will be a good time to work on their green banter for the sheople/fluoride zombie/U2 fans while the pressures of 'peak oil' and 'manmade global warming' seem to wax and wane internationally?

Maybe next spring, from a rudderless stampede for dry land in a land of cracking hydro dams, a wave will carry the thing further out to sea & up the ante in this latter day joke of an environmental movement that we've had the past years around Neu Braunschwieg?

- Dan F.
Risk of sunken barge off N.S. harming environment 'extremely low,' study says
January 5, 2009
Canadian Press News - via CBC Atlantic web shill

HALIFAX, N.S. - A barge that sank at the edge of Nova Scotia's lucrative lobster grounds six weeks ago is unlikely to cause significant damage to the environment even though it is still carrying 70,000 litres of diesel, says a new study prepared for the vessel's owners.

The preliminary risk assessment, drafted for New Brunswick's J.D. Irving Ltd., was not released to the public Monday after it was submitted to a panel of government experts.

But company spokesman Geoff Britt issued a brief statement saying the authors concluded the risk that the barge could cause "significant environmental or economic impacts is judged to be extremely low."

Quoting from the study, Britt said the barge should remain intact for many years.
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