Gaza for Dummies #2: Not all Isaelis are Zionists

Just as not all Germans were Nazis, many Israelis don't support the ongoing Fascist actions of their Government (like hopefully, some Kanadians didn't support the eradication of our Natives). - Dan F.

History and 'morals' of ethnic cleansing: Reflections after Gaza invasion
Victoria Buch - Hagada Hasmalit
January 06, 2009

I arrived in Israel 40 years ago. It took me many years to understand that the very existence of my country, as it is today, is based on an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The project started many years ago. Its seed can be traced to the basic fallacy of the Zionist movement, which set out to establish a Jewish-national state in a location already inhabited by another nation. Under these conditions, one has, at most, a moral right to strive for a bi-national state; establishing a national state implies, more or less by definition, ethnic cleansing of the previous inhabitants.

Albert Einstein grasped this fallacy a long time ago. A short time after WWI Einstein complained that the Zionists were not doing enough to reach agreement with the Palestinian Arabs…He favored a bi-national solution in Palestine and warned Chaim Weizmann against `Prussian style nationalism. [1]

But such warnings passed un-heeded by the Zionist movement. So here we are, nearly a century later, with a Jewish national state dominated by militaristic and militant nationalists, who diligently pursue colonization and "judaization" of the land under Israeli control, on both sides of the Green Line (1967 border). The project has been pursued continuously and relentlessly under the different Israeli governments, recently under the cover of bogus "negotiations" with President Abbas. Most of the Israeli institutions participate in it. Young Israelis, generation after generation, join the army to provide the military cover. The young folks have been brain-washed to honestly believe that the army pursues Israel's "fight for existence". However it seems evident to the author of this article, as to many others, that the survival of the Jewish community in this country depends on establishing viable mechanisms of coexistence with the Palestinians. Thus, under the slogan of "fight for existence", the State of Israel is pursuing an essentially suicidal project.
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