Europe-Russia Gas War Remains Escalated

Ukraine wants $US 700 million worth of gas to resume transit
Russian Today - January 15, 2009

Ukraine’s Naftogaz has requested Gazprom to hand over 21 million cubic metres of gas daily if the Russian company wants transit to Europe resumed, RT’s sources in Ukraine say. In this quarter alone the demanded gas would cost at least $US 700 million.
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European dependence on Russian gas
Russia’s daily gas supply to Europe is estimated to be about 300 million cubic metres, with 80 percent of the flow being transited through Ukraine.

Countries totally dependent on Russian gas include Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Slovenia and Moldova, as well as the Baltic states.

The table below shows the volume of Russia’s daily gas supplies to Europe:

Germany - 96 million cubic metres
Italy - 60.5 million cubic metres (as of 2006)
Turkey - 75 million cubic metres
France - 27.4 million cubic metres (as of 2006)
Hungary - 38 million cubic metres
Great Britain - 23.8 million cubic metres (as of 2006)
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