9/11 Redux: Russia's Pravda Knew the Next Day

Pravda via Library of Congress Web Archive (1)
September 12th, 2001

Terrorist groups of the whole world joined in the play with title "That are just we!". Because of wish to be regarded as organizers of terrorist acts in the USA, a Japan "Red Army" quarrelled with Islamite group "Lashkar-e-Taiba". Though "Red Army" pretensions were brought to nought by US special services. Kashmir separatists after some reflections decided not to take part in this very dubious competition.

At the same time, in the US Osama bin Laden is being accused. The Saudi multi-millionaire hiding now on Afghan territory is being called one of the most probable requester of the terrorist acts. In addition to Saddam Husain and other "enemies of the USA number one" of whom there are too many now.

Though it seems to be just an inertia. Bin Laden really does not have enough resources, people and a good organization to fulfil such a great action on US territory. And he does not tell lies while telling it to journalists.

As a matter of fact, the more information about these events comes from the US, the clearer the complete picture is, the better one can see √ it is impossible. Where could you find so many elite pilots prepared in special troops and besides suicide pilots? How to organize such a great action while keeping it in secret? How to achieve co-ordinating activities of terrorist groups with such a high precision?

Only one conclusion could be made: there is a structure which is able to organize actions like that. Though it will never take responsibility, because it does not want to advertise itself. Events of recent 24 hours are enough for advertising. And suspense is even worse than death.

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